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Honda Sundiro S07

Honda Sundiro S07
Brand: Honda
Category: ebikes
  • Motor 400W 48V brushless Bosch motor
  • Battery 48V 24Ah lithium-ion battery
  • Range Approx. 60km
  • Top Speed 50kph (boosted variant), 25kph (base variant)
  • Price 71900

Our Rating

The overall rating is based on review by our experts

  • Comfort 10 / 10
  • Design 10 / 10
  • Performance 10 / 10
  • Riding Experience 10 / 10
  • Value for Money 10 / 10

Motor and Performance

The Honda Sundiro S07 is powered by a 400W 48V brushless Bosch motor. It comes in two speed variants: a boosted variant with a top speed of 50kph and a base variant that reaches up to 25kph.

Battery and Range

The electric scooter houses a 48V 24Ah lithium-ion battery, providing an approximate range of 60km on a single charge.

Handling and Brakes

For superior ride comfort, it’s equipped with front hydraulic fork suspension and rear damping shocks. The braking system comprises a front mechanical disc brake, a rear drum brake, and an IP56 rated EABS braking system.

Lighting and Display

The scooter features a front LED headlamp, rear LED brake lights, and LED indicators. The LCD digital dashboard displays vital information, and the scooter comes with a remote alarm.

Size and Capacity

The Honda Sundiro S07 can accommodate a load of up to 150kg. It weighs over 58.5kg and has dimensions of 173cm in length, 120cm in height, and 83cm in width.


The scooter rides on 80-sized front tires and 100-10-sized rear tires.


E-Bikes Full Specification

Type e-bike / scooter / L1B Category (LTO)
Tech Features Speed Mode
Helmet Holder
USB Port
Side Stand Sensor
Regenerative Braking
LCD digital dashboard with remote alarm
Top Speed 50kph (boosted variant), 25kph (base variant)
Battery Capacity 24Ah
Battery Type Llithium-ion battery
Battery Weight >10kg
Voltage 48V
Range Approx. 60km
Front Suspension Front hydraulic fork suspension
Front Brake Front mechanical disc brake
Rear Brake Rear drum brake + EABS braking IP56 rated
Rear Suspension Rear damping shocks
Dimension 173cm x 120cm x 83cm
Weight 58.5kg+
Charging Time 5-8hrs
Color Teal, Blue, Light Blue, White, Black, Red
Motor 400W 48V brushless Bosch motor
Load Capacity 150kg


Overall User's Rating

The overall rating is based on 3 reviews by users.

  • Comfort 6.7 / 10
  • Design 6.7 / 10
  • Performance 6.7 / 10
  • Riding Experience 6.7 / 10
  • Value for Money 6.7 / 10
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  1. Mark joseph castillo


    S07 boosted honda sundiro

    Quality very comfortable
    High speed

    • Comfort
      10 / 10
    • Design
      10 / 10
    • Performance
      10 / 10
    • Riding Experience
      10 / 10
    • Value for Money
      10 / 10
  2. Pakboy lang gumagamit ng honda


    Sundiro overpriced crap

    Kung marami kang sobrang pera, go with sundiro. Super baba ng specs pero may honda badge.
    LOL!!! China parts parin yan, mag Super Uno Plus ka nalang same lang rin sila ng features.
    70k tapos hindi ka rin makakapag angkas, kung magsisiksikan kayo ng angkas mo hirap na hub nun kasi 400w langm wag mo nang pangarapin na makaahon yan.
    Madaming mas higher specs na mas mura, for example – Gxsun Raptor 2.0 – 50k 2000w hubm 72v20ah lithium batt, Raptor 3.0 – 3000w hub, 72v 30ah lithium batt @ 60k

    Pero pera nyo yan, may honda badge yung china ebike kasi, kaya Japan ebike na noh? Wahahah

    • Comfort
      5 / 10
    • Design
      5 / 10
    • Performance
      5 / 10
    • Riding Experience
      5 / 10
    • Value for Money
      5 / 10
  3. Geoffrey Tan


    Honda Sundiro - Is it worth it?

    As a custom ebike builder from scratch and with multiple gas to electric conversions. I would recommend that you bring your money somewhere else rather than buy from this brand.
    Sure, it has a honda sticker/emblem or whatever on it, but that's about it. I give them props for the lithium battery pack, but that is only at 49v.
    There are lots of other local models that can give you bang for your buck nowadays. NWOW has models that you can choose from, wsp is at 43,000php with 1500w hub motor at 72v, GXsun, nakayama, johnson etc. What's more is that you can carry 2 people comfortably with those models, climb steep grades and they are much cheaper with (again) far beyond better specifications than what honda offers.
    You can even get the cheapest hatasu 2 wheel ebike or the super uno plus ebike which is heck of a lot cheaper than sundiro (granted these ebikes use sealed lead acid batteries) but they have similar tech features including NFC. Why? Because sundiro is a chinese ebike just rebadged.
    I bought the sundiro boosted version last September thinking yeah it has a brushless Bosch motor, sure it can punch above it's weight considering it's rated 400w (but no, it is what it is, you can't squeeze more juice out of it without the risk of overheat and burning the coils), it's good for straight roads with little to no incline. And that's it, you'll bleed too much speed if you try to tackle small hills, flyovers etc. What more if you have a passenger?
    Sold it it after 2 months. If you're after the "Wow may ebike pala si honda" moments which are very few and far between, this ebike is for you. If you are a practical person, there are more options out there which will bring value for your hard earned cash. Same price range of the sundiro with more than double the specs, or same specs with a quarter of the price.

    TLDR: Not worth the current price for the specs and real world performance. Mas okay pang bumili ka ng Rusi Rapid na hindi gumagana or 2ndhand, convert it to electric and call it and electric Aerox. Normies won't be able to tell the difference.

    • Comfort
      5 / 10
    • Design
      5 / 10
    • Performance
      5 / 10
    • Riding Experience
      5 / 10
    • Value for Money
      5 / 10
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